Cycle Devon is a fun, free programme run by Devon County Council to help you discover the benefits of cycling. This website provides you with information, support and incentives to encourage you to enjoy cycling more often. By registering you can use the website to keep a log of all your trips and even set goals to keep you motivated!

"54% of people who have completed a Cycle Devon survey are intending to cycle more often" - Find out more here.


Find out ways to enjoy Devon by bike:

Recent activity...

Simon T cycled 5 miles
1 day ago

Nicolette O cycled 4 miles
1 day ago

Thor B cycled 33 miles
2 days ago

Thor B completed a goal
5 days ago

Paul F cycled 18 miles
6 days ago

Ian B cycled 32 miles
3½ weeks ago

Andrew O cycled 3 miles
1 month ago

Paul F completed a goal
3 months ago

Kim M cycled 1 miles
5 months ago

Kim M registered
5 months ago

Recent reasons...

“I cycle because I enjoy it.” - Kim M

“I cycle because I $?~&^^# LOVE IT!” - Thor B

“I cycle because...I am in training for a charity 400km cycle across Kenya” - Cathie C

“I cycle because...its good for me and good for the environment.” - Paul F

“I cycle because...I like breaking wind !” - Andy H

“I cycle because I can burn the miles and the calories!” - Matt W

“I cycle because I have yet to be convinced of a better use of tarmac.” - Nick D

“I cycle because I want to get fit and build up my stamina” - Linda C

“I cycle cos if i had hair I would love the wind in it” - colin s

“I cycle because I love lycra!!!” - Mike C

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